Proposal design 

is to form a unique experience informing an Urban – Beach lifestyle. In this masterplan, properties are carefully divided into different parcels to optimize the potential of the site. In order to shape an urban fabric that perfectly fits in, all the buildings are tailored to its best views and locations. With a central iconic tower as focal point surrounded by water feature. It opens new opportunities to showcase important events and activities. We aimed to have a far-reaching urban effect at the same time simultaneously concerning to users on a more personal scale. An equal distribution of public and private properties generated a natural bonding within the community. Bars and restaurant could be found from street levels, podiums to rooftops, creating a more exciting attraction whilst elevating the value of the property.

Greenery and pathways are organized in such allowing permeability of human traffic flows from the beach into the site at the same time it also acts as spatial divider that integrated communal space.

This Urban – Beach lifestyle is an exciting, energetic, and sociable culture. It engages with outdoors, the neighborhood and the climate that characterized South Beach Danang.

X_Danang_site attraction.jpg