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South Beach Da Nang




Da Nang is a city determined by a diversity of urban, cultural and nature. South Beach Da Nang situated along Da Nang coast line with its geographical advantages. It offers the most promising place to create a lively beach culture for residents and tourist. Ultimately creating new proximities and offering a new, fresh vibrant lifestyle.

It is our belief that a successful beach lifestyle development is to establish the connections and direct relationship with the surroundings. Carefully balance the components within the site to keep the excitement flows. Combining commercial and recreational activities not only maximize interaction, but it also offers opportunities to the public to explore an energetic urban life.

Open spaces, landscapes and waterscapes inserted across the site act as connector to creates accessibility across the site. Established a linkage that ties all parcels from ocean front to main street. Using design to transform the property into an oceanfront hotspot.



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